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Overcome your fear of flying… Without having to leave the ground!

1. How we are Different

It’s a powerful one-to-one course that uses a €11-million full flight simulator, normally used to train airline pilots. Our experienced and sympathetic pilots will help you to overcome your fears, in a safe and reassuring environment.

2. One-to-one attention

Because each persons fear of flying is different we will focus on your own unique concerns. Our tailor-made course offers you privacy and flexibility and you may bring a guest with you if you wish.

Why do we use a simulator?

Full-motion simulators were designed for training airline pilots, but they’re also an incredible tool for helping and reassuring nervous flyers. Experts agree.We will recreate in the simulator the scenario that has generated your fear and this time, you will have control under the guidance of your instructor

3. Your invitation to the cockpit

In the simulator, you’ll be on the flightdeck with your own private crew. Your pilots will help you to change your perceptions about flying and become comfortable with the sensations of flight through explanation and repetition – but going at your pace.
You’ll learn a vast amount about the operation and true capabilities of the aircraft, thereby gaining a sense of control. Moreover this is your opportunity to have all your questions answered by an experienced pilot.

4. Ongoing support

We’re in the business of helping people, not simply selling courses. We encourage you to take advantage of our free initial telephone consultation service before deciding whether to book. Afterwards our service doesn’t stop. We encourage you to stay in touch with us for as long as you want to.

The Simliner Fear of Flying Course is unlike any other!

Get rid of your fear with the Best
Simliner is the only company providing state of the art Fear of Flying course using a Level D Full motion simulator in Europe and employs a team of experienced airline pilots and human factors instructors, all of whom are rigorously trained to prepare for exceptional circumstances.You’ll have an your own personal instructor. Your instructor is there to make sure you get the maximum possible enjoyment from your simulator flight, by guiding you and practically help you to understand each phase of a flight. Fear can originate from several situations such as a feeling of “loss of control” or an unpleasant experience of turbulence and all this in a confined environment and having to listen to a variety of weird noises such as engine spooling or reverse thrust. Whilst there is no guarantee that everyone will get rid of their fear, our course has proven to be one of the most effective solution on the market today.There is some prerequisites however, so feel free to call us and discuss with us prior to booking the course.

Feel free to contact us for more information or to make a booking. We are pleased to answer all your question, advise you on possibilities or to meet with you for more specific inquiries.*One to one course 3 hours total time of which one hour will be in the simulator with you at the controls.

The very best equipment
SimLiner operates the best “full-motion” flight simulators you can find in the world. Worth around €11-million each, these simulators are certified by the Civil Aviation Authority to Level-D which is the highest level there is.
The simulator motion platform has six degrees of freedom and besides the realistic sound, also a number of special motion and visual effects.From the tiniest bump on the runway, to the sinking feeling in your stomach as you lift off, you’ll be amazed by the realism, and convinced you’re really flying.It simply doesn’t get any more realistic that this.

Attention to detail.
That’s what you can expect when you deal with us. We’re passionate about what we do, and about making sure your experience with us is an incredible one and that we do all we can for you to get rid of your fear.Who else than pilot understands fear of Flying ? This course has been made by Airline pilots.


How do I book?

Feel free to contact us for more information or to request an initial free phone consultation. We are pleased to answer all your questions.

You can send an email to: events.malta@simliner.com

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