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How many of your clients, suppliers or colleagues have flown an Airbus A320?

Something different

If you’re looking for a corporate experience that’s really thrilling, and completely different, here it is:

Privileged, behind-the-scenes ‘airside’ access inside a professional airline training centre, and the opportunity to take the controls of an 11 million euro full-motion flight simulator – with hands-on guidance from an experienced airline pilot.

The ultimate corporate event now possible in Malta!

Corporate flight simulation is ideal for client entertainment, staff motivation and rewards, team bonding and Krypton Factor-style challenges. At Simliner, we’ve got the experience specializing in professional flight simulation, and we’ll arrange an experience or tailor-made an event to suit your needs. The sky is the limit for Simliner to organise your turn-key solution event in Malta.

Be Amazed

Imagine yourself on the flight deck… one hand on the controls, the other on the thrust levers, bumping over the runway lights as you taxi into the take-off position. Feel the immense power pushing you into your seat as your jet airliner tears down the runway, and the adrenaline rush as you raise the nose and lift your huge aircraft into the air.

Take one last glance at the ground falling away beneath you as you cut through the clouds into the clear blue sky above. Watch the mountains pass by on your approach into Innsbruck or take a glance at the scenery while you prepare your landing in Rio de Janeiro. You land the aircraft and feel the deceleration when you reverse the engines. Be amazed, by the realism, the scenery and the experience!

The ultimate corporate event now possible in Malta

The best equipment
Simliner operates the best “full-motion” flight simulators you can find in the world. Worth around €11-million each, these simulators are certified by the Civil Aviation Authority to Level-D which is the highest level there is.The simulator motion platform has six degrees of freedom and besides the realistic sound, also a number of special motion and visual effects.From the tiniest bump on the runway, to the sinking feeling in your stomach as you lift off, you’ll be amazed by the realism, and convinced you’re really flying.It simply doesn’t get any more realistic than this !.

Attention to detail.
That’s what you can expect when you deal with us. We’re passionate about what we do, and about making sure your experience with us is an incredible one.Team bonding, welcoming a new associate or simply entertaining your team, clients or board of directors, we will tailor your event to your requirements. Our friendly, specialized team are just a phone call away.

Learn with the best
Simliner is the only company providing state of the art flight simulator experiences in the South of Europe and employs a team of experienced airline pilots and human factors instructors, all of whom are rigorously trained to prepare for exceptional circumstances.You’ll have your own personal instructor. Your instructor is there to make sure you get the maximum possible enjoyment from your simulator flight, by guiding you and challenging you.It all starts with a pre-flight briefing in ‘ground school’, before you board the flight simulator and strap yourself in at the controls.So don’t worry, there is no experience required.


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